As an IT professional, it’s up to you to make sure that your systems are running smoothly. When networks go down, systems load slowly, or users are unable to access the information they need, it’s invariably the IT director to take the blame.

With all of this responsibility, it’s no wonder that you are reluctant to hand things over to a 3rd party team of people that you don’t even know. If the handoff doesn’t go smoothly, or your chosen solution doesn’t work the way you’d hoped and your business is negatively impacted, you’ll be the one held accountable. Read more

Communication is key. It is a truism we hear time and time again. It’s true in relationships, within families, and it is certainly true in business.

But knowing how to communicate effectively is not as easy as using proper grammar or enunciating your words (although these can be important steps). Your business communication efficacy depends heavily on the communication technology that you choose to use and how it is implemented within your organization. Read more