You have found a candidate you like and you are excited to extend an offer. As you type up the particulars (performance expectations, start date, comp, etc.) you feel your hands start to sweat. “He said that our comp was in range, didn’t he? She gave me a ballpark of what she currently brings in so this isn’t a haircut, right? Maybe I can save $5k here just in case they ask for a relocation package. Do we have a relocation package? That’s in the employee handbook. When’s the last time I looked at the employee handbook? Do we even have one?”

You button it up and press send (usually at the end of the day and far too often on a Friday!). You are 90% positive they will accept but that 10% sure is keeping you from being able to pay attention at your kiddos soccer game on Saturday morning. Sunday rolls around and you still haven’t heard back. “It’s the weekend so they probably aren’t online, good for them.” Work/life balance yada yada. Monday morning and still nothing. Should I call? No, then I look desperate. But I am desperate!