Since Core Ventures opened up our doors in January 2017 we have had a fully remote workforce. We had, and still have, a brick and mortar office, but coming in has always been optional outside of a handful of regularly scheduled meetings. The reasoning had been that you can recruit from anywhere and the benefits of being able to work from home far outweigh the cons. Also, it allowed us to attract working moms who weren’t quite ready to jump all the way back into a full-time, in-office, work schedule. More on that later.

In January of 2020 though, our team had grown significantly and we were starting to get more serious and intentional about our culture. I made the decision to pivot from fully remote to partially remote, with plans for all team members to spend half of their time at the office on designated days. The reasoning behind this decision wasn’t complicated. I felt that with a growing team we risked being disconnected and that building culture would be slower if we weren’t rubbing elbows on a regular basis. I decided to roll out this new policy on March 12th at our all-team meeting. That’s March 12th of 2020.

I hear it all the time. “How’s your business?” “I dunno man, we’ve just kinda plateaued.” Okay. “How’s your marriage?” “We’re really in a rut right now.” Hmm. “How’s that new project/initiative coming along?” “It’s pretty much stalled at this point.” Sure. The underlying assumption is that if things aren’t progressing, moving forward, or getting better then they are simply at a standstill, as good or bad as they were the day things quit moving forward. As if static is even an option. It’s not.

If your business isn’t growing, getting healthier, getting better then it is moving in the opposite direction. If your marriage isn’t getting stronger, more vibrant, with more intimacy then it is trending the other way. If that new project or initiative isn’t getting any traction then it is on its way to the junk pile. There’s no easy way to say it, if your business/marriage/initiative isn’t getting better it is getting worse.