It was about this time last year I announced at our all-team meeting we would be shifting our fully remote workforce to “partially remote,” or at least I think that’s how I framed it. We were growing, more people were working out of the office, and in an effort to continue strengthening our culture I thought it would be a good idea to “ask” our FTE’s to be in the office two days each week and our PTE’s one day. The announcement was met with mixed emotions, to say the least, and then a few weeks later the whole world shut down.

The day is finally here. You’ve spent the last few weeks operating with peak stealth, scheduling interviews during your lunch hour, being careful to use your personal email address to interact with the recruiter, you even scheduled an actual doctor’s appointment the day of your interview so that you didn’t have to take a random sick day. You’ve accepted the offer, signed on the bottom line, now there is one thing left to do. Put in your notice.