Core Ventures serves companies across industries and throughout the country. Our flat fee recruiting model is a necessary disruption to an industry that has long gouged clients with exorbitant commissions. Our service and performance are second to none. We love our clients and are privileged to come alongside them in finding great people to grow their business.




Our Mission

Core Ventures is dedicated to providing world class recruiting and staffing, leadership development, and culture assessments that play an integral role in building enduring and profitable companies.

Matt Thomas


Matt works directly with clients to uncover core culture markers in flourishing business teams. Through this process he is able to put businesses on the path to success while helping establish teams that share passion, goals, and vision.

In addition, Matt leads Core Venture’s recruiting base, and is an expert in equipping his team to find candidates that have character, are competent, and whom fit the culture of the company that is pursuing placement.

Blake Frye

Founder / Board Member

Blake Frye helps Core Ventures stick to it’s original vision of helping business owners grow their companies by finding great people while providing on going recruiting services.

His expertise lies in meeting with people that want to grow their business. A key component in Blake’s strategy is helping business leaders find opportunities for Kingdom impact both personally and professionally.