It felt like we were finally coming out of a fog. With stay at home orders lifting, social distance restrictions easing up, and the market continuing to rebound, a few weeks ago it seemed as if we were on a path to a new normal. Till we weren’t.

On May 25th, four Minneapolis police officers arrested George Floyd, a 46 year old black man. He was accused of using a counterfeit $20 bill to buy cigarettes. 17 minutes later he was unconscious. Shortly thereafter he was declared dead. The videos began to circulate and the protests started. The protests turned into riots and overnight our country was on fire. The pain of the unheard crying out for justice.

We have not made an official statement and I’m not sure that we will. For now, here are five questions pointed towards our beliefs, not our opinions, that I can answer with confidence on behalf of our organization: Do we believe that institutional racism is alive and rampant and needs to be taken apart piece by piece? Yes, we do. Do we believe that violence and racism are tragically woven into the fabric of our country? Yes, we do. Do we believe that the perpetrators of this injustice, and many others, should be held accountable for their actions to fullest extent the law allows? Yes, we do. Do we grieve alongside our brothers and sisters whose pain we cannot fully comprehend? Yes, we do. Do we believe things can and will get better? Yes, we do. These are things we believe, not things we think. I believe that distinction is important.

In the last few months I have been watching a phenomenon unfold that I find fascinating. My leadership coaching work and the nature of our relationships with most of our recruiting clients means I get to know a handful of business leaders pretty well. Most would probably say I am in their kitchen. And, in some cases, they are in mine as well.

In regular check-ins I always ask how things are going on the home front, with many still adjusting to the disjointed workflow. Most have settled into a new rhythm and many appreciate the newfound increased efficiency of plugging away at a desk in the basement. The surprise has been the amount of business leaders, primarily fathers, who have realized how little time they spent with their children prior to the onset of covid-19.