Last week I went to an outdoor concert in our neighborhood with my family. It was a great turnout with hundreds of people packed into the courtyard of a local shopping area. We set up our lawn chairs and settled in for a nice evening. About fifteen minutes into the concert a woman came and stood two feet in front of me and began talking to some friends. I couldn’t see anything! She was less than an arm’s length away from me and oblivious to her impact on my sightline, even though she was one of the only ones standing.

Her lack of self-awareness wasn’t a big deal. It was annoying, but I could just ask her to move or deal with not being able to see. But when leaders have a similar lack of self-awareness it harms their organization and their reputation. 

Self-awareness is a non-negotiable for good leadership and a healthy organization.

Would you ever seriously consider proposing to someone after only a few hours of conversation? Or would you say yes to such a proposal? 

Recruiting the right candidate for your open position can feel a lot like speed dating. 

The ultimate goal of recruiting is to find a person of high character and integrity, who has all the core competencies necessary for the position, is the type of person who will thrive in your culture, fits the management style, and who is also excited to put roots down to help the company grow. Easy, right?