Motivation is critical to the success of any company. A motivated employee will work harder, and better, than one who is unmotivated. And this doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with character. It doesn’t mean an unmotivated employee is intentionally slacking, it’s just that humans work better when they’re motivated. Motivation affects attitude, energy, creativity, and production. This is why good leaders motivate their people, and great leaders motivate people in the specific ways that work for each of them. Let me explain.

Prudential’s latest Pulse of the American Worker survey, conducted in March has some interesting insight on important shifts in the job market coming our way. They found that 1 out of 4 workers (26%) plan on looking for a new job once the pandemic is behind us. The percentage is even higher for millennials (now hitting 40 years old by the way) at 34%. This reshuffling of the deck is going to be especially hard on employers who aren’t ready to replace highly skilled talent.