I am in a group with six other business leaders. We meet once a month for 5-6 hours. The reason we meet regularly is that we all believe the opportunity to lean into each other, learn from each other, and have some dedicated space where we can discuss what’s working and what’s broken in our personal lives and our businesses is a net positive. It’s that simple and it’s great. Each month we invite a guest to join us. Usually, a gray hair who has been extraordinarily successful in business. We give this individual two hours of our time, half of which they use to tell us their story, and the other half we use to pepper them with questions. Nothing is off-limits. It is a gift.

I hear it all the time. “How’s your business?” “I dunno man, we’ve just kinda plateaued.” Okay. “How’s your marriage?” “We’re really in a rut right now.” Hmm. “How’s that new project/initiative coming along?” “It’s pretty much stalled at this point.” Sure. The underlying assumption is that if things aren’t progressing, moving forward, or getting better then they are simply at a standstill, as good or bad as they were the day things quit moving forward. As if static is even an option. It’s not.

If your business isn’t growing, getting healthier, getting better then it is moving in the opposite direction. If your marriage isn’t getting stronger, more vibrant, with more intimacy then it is trending the other way. If that new project or initiative isn’t getting any traction then it is on its way to the junk pile. There’s no easy way to say it, if your business/marriage/initiative isn’t getting better it is getting worse.