The recruiting industry is broken.

You need someone who cares about the health and trajectory of your organization.

We can help.


You need people who fit your culture and will get the job done. And you need them to stick around.

We understand how frustrating it is to spend tens of thousands of dollars placing new employees who leave after only two months because your organization isn’t a “good fit.” Or how challenging it is to hire a prime candidate when your organization is understaffed and can’t put in the time and process needed to select the right person.

We’re taking a different, better, approach.

We take getting to know your organization seriously, and we back it up with a thorough culture assessment, just to make sure we’ll place the right people. And as a non-contingent recruiting company, we’re motivated to find the best candidate for the position you need to fill.



    We look for people with integrity–trustworthy people who will work hard even when no one’s looking.


    We listen to the competencies that are needed to get the job done right and find people with the knowledge and abilities to make it happen.


    You want people who will not only fit your culture, but enhance it. That’s why we do a thorough culture assessment as a part of our engagements.


Get to Know You

Unlike other recruiting firms, we don’t quickly ask for qualifications and start searching before fully understanding your goals and culture. In fact, we do a culture assessment normally valued at $10,000 just to make sure we really get you.


Our elite staffing consultants will be in regular communication with you, making sure we’re finding the right people and responding to your needs and questions.


We take the time to follow up with you and our placements after they start to make sure it’s working. Our desire is to build a relationship over time that makes Core a part of your team.