Recruitment Services

While other recruiters give you canned, we give you candid.


We understand how frustrating it is to spend tens of thousands of dollars to place new employees who leave after only two months because your company isn’t a “good fit.” Or how challenging it is to hire a prime candidate when your organization is understaffed and can’t put in the time and process needed to select the right person.

When you’re stuck in the never-ending hiring cycle that prevents your business from growing and thriving, your corporate culture suffers, and you struggle to see return on investment dollars.


As seasoned recruiting solution providers, we are committed to placing candidates that are equipped to complete the job at hand, have the character needed to fill your position, and fit seamlessly into your current company culture.

Our goal is to help you fulfill your vision and/or grow your business and improve your bottom line. Because of this, we ask for no compensation tied to a specific placement. As a non-contingent recruiting company, we’re motivated to find the best candidate for the position you need to fill.

Through a commitment to getting to know your organization’s specific needs, culture, and hiring requirements, we’re able to take that information and handpick the best candidates who are driven, talented, and motivated to stick with you for the long run.

our recruiting Services Process

Unlike other recruiting firms, we don’t quickly ask for qualifications and start searching before fully understanding your goals and culture. Our team spends time with you upfront to assess your specific needs and gain insight into your company dynamics. Once we understand the different positions you are wanting to target and fill, we put together a an agreement at a price point that works within your hiring budget.

Our recruitment process consists of three key filters

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