At the start of 2021, the Core Ventures team sat down and discussed ambitious plans, likely growth, and exciting opportunities for the coming year. Yet amidst all this dreaming, we could clearly see the gaps in our processes and the holes in our business that needed to be filled before we could actualize any of the things we wanted to do.

We were haunted by the common adage that goals without plans or action are merely dreams, and as an organization we made a hearty commitment to not succumb to this common pitfall.

Most of my leadership journey has been marked by mistakes. Shaped by failures, not victories. I have gotten more wrong than I have right and I’ve got the scars to prove it. I’ve stubbed my toes on problems that could have been avoided with some combination of maturity and humility that doesn’t always come naturally to me. I’ve run a business into the ground. I’ve lost great employees because of failures in my leadership. I’ve missed out on significant opportunities because I was focused on the wrong things. If this were a list of things great leaders NEVER do I could write you a novel. Maybe someday.

Thankfully, I’ve been afforded second, third, and fourth chances. Undeserved to be sure, but I’ve done what I can to take advantage of them.