by Matt Thomas

I spent two years working for one of the largest privately-held home builders in the country. I took the job with this company because of their reputation for exceptional in-house training and robust customer service model; not because I knew anything about building or selling production homes. In one of the many training workshops I went through during my time with this company my favorite executive hammered home three words I’ll never forget, “Bad News Fast.” He shared this nugget inside the context of customer experience but I watched it permeate our internal culture and operations. The result? Employees always knew where they stood. The only team members who carried anxiety were low performers or poor culture fits. In truth, they should have been anxious.

Over the past few days I’ve spoken with business owners who have lost everything, more who have had to get as lean as possible, and some who are well-positioned to flourish in times like these. After discussing the health of their businesses the thing I have been most curious about is how they are communicating with their employees.