It was about this time last year I announced at our all-team meeting we would be shifting our fully remote workforce to “partially remote,” or at least I think that’s how I framed it. We were growing, more people were working out of the office, and in an effort to continue strengthening our culture I thought it would be a good idea to “ask” our FTE’s to be in the office two days each week and our PTE’s one day. The announcement was met with mixed emotions, to say the least, and then a few weeks later the whole world shut down.

Wading through the expert opinions and projections as to when the coronavirus veil will finally lift is a full-time job. With so much noise and misinformation, it is difficult to know who to trust. This is especially challenging for leaders of organizations trying to plan and prepare for a new world. Making accurate financial projections and piecing together coherent strategic plans that can make a 6-month run in the current climate is a luxury. I was told recently by an individual who seems to always have a solid pulse on market trends that he thinks it will be five years at a minimum before things return to some semblance of normal (full restaurants, no masks, etc.). Woof.