by Matt Thomas

I have yet to meet a successful entrepreneur, executive, or business owner who has a ton of free time on their hands. Most leaders I know are moving quickly from one thing to the next. Even those with recent, fruitful, exits are usually on to the next project. It’s true that less than 1% can move at the clip necessary to build and grow and a successful organization, but there are unintended consequences we should be aware of while we’re running around with our hair on fire trying to take over the world.

A frenetic pace is usually the primary contributor to falling out of touch with our people. One on ones get canceled or continually re-scheduled, all-team meetings seem to never fall at the right time, and the leader’s laser focus on growing and improving the organization wins out over the day to day management of the team. Feedback loops close, turnover starts to affect the bottom line, and one day we look up and realize that we don’t really have a pulse on how our people are doing. When it comes to performance, most healthy organizations have clear metrics, but when it comes to how people are feeling about their work and experience under your leadership the metrics often aren’t so clear.