by Matt Thomas

Every leader with a modicum of self-awareness has been there. The wheels aren’t coming off, yet, but things are not going nearly as smooth as you’d like. You walk into the office and there is a nervous energy, eye contact is fleeting, and in your one-on-ones with your managers you can hear it in their voice. Is everything going to be okay?

When revenue goals are getting shattered and customer satisfaction is through the roof they call you a hero, and rightly, it feels pretty good. There’s nothing quite like an idea getting legs and transforming into a living, breathing, profitable organism. It’s the rush that every entrepreneur I know lives for. But what about the 90% of organizations out there struggling to make payroll and staring down another pivot or die scenario? Most organizations have to consistently reinvent themselves in order to keep up with a new influx of competition, market constraints, and more.

Even the healthiest organizations experience this scenario at one point or another. Call it a dip, a stall, a bump in the road, whatever–it’s coming. And when it comes, there will be people in your organization who question your leadership. So begin the whispers.