by Matt Thomas

With hundreds of successful placements under our belt here at Core Ventures, I wish I could tell you that all of them were nice, easy strolls to the finish line. Unfortunately, that’s not reality. Because we do our best to stay engaged all the way through to the start date it’s not uncommon for our Staffing Consultants to be up late negotiating counteroffers, explaining pto, and helping our clients and candidates make the best possible decisions.

Sometimes our clients get cold feet. It happens. Hiring people is risky and a miss is expensive. Many of our clients need people to come in and add value immediately. There is always some pressure and uncertainty in the hiring process. Whenever a client who had been high on a candidate gets cold feet towards the end, our favorite question to ask them is, “What does your gut tell you?” More often than not their fears are rooted in past negative experiences, not their current reality, and we can help them close the deal. Sometimes, though, they can’t shake that something feels off. It’s here that we tell our clients, trust your gut.

by Matt Thomas

A few months ago I met with one of our long-time clients. He’s had our company on retainer for nearly two years now. Needless to say, we’ve spent a fair amount of time “in his kitchen.” We’ve helped him secure talent, assessed his culture (twice), built out mentoring and training programs, and helped with strategic planning initiatives. Our meeting didn’t have any pressing items on the agenda, just a check-in to gauge progress and hear how things are going. I asked him, “so, how’s it going?” His response? “Pretty rough right now. We’ve got all these things in place to help strengthen our culture. We know where we want to go and have a clear vision for getting there. I love our people and I like most of our clients, but productivity has fallen off a cliff and I can’t figure out why.”

Over the years we have placed nearly half of his workforce, so I went one by one through each person, asking how they were doing. As he updated me on his employees I could see the light turning on. One was going through a nasty divorce. Another had a teenager with a drug problem. Another had been diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. On and on he went. Key employees’ personal lives were a train wreck and it was impacting the entire company.

We’ve all been there.