One of our favorite calls to make here at Core Ventures is the 90-day check-in. At 90 days we have a handful of solid placements, we’ve hit a rhythm on the sourcing front, and we have a handle on the type of candidate our client wants. Being on retainer, at this point if things are going well with no sign of slowing down, we know that this will likely be a longer-term engagement. Perfect. This is the call where we get a pulse on their hiring strategy for the next few quarters. Sure, we’re neck-deep in their urgent needs list, but anytime we can get a glimpse of what’s coming we’re better for it.

We love family vacations, and we’ve learned the hard way how they work best for our family. One of our first vacations was planned out almost minute by minute. We knew exactly what we were doing and when we were doing it. As the trip went along we had some unexpected issues arise, but because we had spent some much time planning we didn’t want to deviate from the plan. In the end that approach made us frustrated and irritable. We placed the plan over the purpose of enjoying a vacation together.

On a recent vacation we did pretty much the opposite. We went to a beach resort with no plan whatsoever, thinking it would be nice to just relax. By the end of the first day everyone was a little bored and we found ourselves being on edge with each other. We had no plan and we missed out on some great opportunities to make memories together as a family.

Having no plan was a bad idea. Being so tied to the plan that we wouldn’t adjust was a bad idea too. It’s the same in business. Planning is essential, but so is the ability to pivot when necessary. You need to consistently plan, assess, and pivot.