With clients across industries, regions, and sectors, we have a front-row seat watching the gamut of interview processes and techniques unfold. Some of our clients prefer to lean into their gut. If they have a good feeling about a candidate they’ll make an offer at the conclusion of the first interview. Others take months to screen, interview, check references, and interview some more before making an offer. We have clients who bomb our candidates with assessments and others who will hire anyone with a pulse that passes a background check and drug test. To be sure, an effective interview process is largely dependent upon industry, urgency, and culture. If your competition is scooping talent up quickly you have no choice but to move fast. With low unemployment, good candidates will always have 2-3 offers to decide between. There’s no one right way to go about interviewing candidates, but there sure are a handful of broken processes.

So how do you know if your interview process is broken? Here are a few signs:

Would you ever seriously consider proposing to someone after only a few hours of conversation? Or would you say yes to such a proposal? 

Recruiting the right candidate for your open position can feel a lot like speed dating. 

The ultimate goal of recruiting is to find a person of high character and integrity, who has all the core competencies necessary for the position, is the type of person who will thrive in your culture, fits the management style, and who is also excited to put roots down to help the company grow. Easy, right?