It’s nauseating. I lose track of the times each week someone sends me an article, podcast, or book recommendation with a new productivity hack. It is the new buzz topic for entrepreneurs. Somehow thrown around more often than “pitch deck,” “vertical,” or “multiple.” Wake up early? Of course. Meditate? Duh. Exercise? Peloton seven days a week, hello! Or how about the varied approaches to mapping out the week? To-do list? Todoist. Calendar? Project Management? Asana (well, at least till they go public and lose their “grit”). Or how about what we put in our bodies? Beverages? White tea. Food? Intermittent fasting, err… not eating. Drugs? Not going there.

I could go on and probably so could you. I appreciate the old souls out there committed to pen and paper. Although, even for the homely there is a wave of “productivity journals” taking over full of gratitude lists and top three this and that. It is no wonder the world is on fire. We’ve got so much junk to burn.