In the last few months I have been watching a phenomenon unfold that I find fascinating. My leadership coaching work and the nature of our relationships with most of our recruiting clients means I get to know a handful of business leaders pretty well. Most would probably say I am in their kitchen. And, in some cases, they are in mine as well.

In regular check-ins I always ask how things are going on the home front, with many still adjusting to the disjointed workflow. Most have settled into a new rhythm and many appreciate the newfound increased efficiency of plugging away at a desk in the basement. The surprise has been the amount of business leaders, primarily fathers, who have realized how little time they spent with their children prior to the onset of covid-19.

If you lead an organization you’ve been there. You get an email introduction from a friend or colleague encouraging you to carve out some time to meet so and so with nothing but ambiguity circling around the purpose of the meeting. You glance at your calendar, never ending to-do list, backlogged inbox and anxiety starts to build. You don’t want to be a jerk and blow the person off, but you have so little margin as it is that making time for a new connection feels impossible. Maybe even unwise.

Depending upon your personality type you likely navigate these types of situations in one of three ways.